Fields Of Expertise

Acting on decision requires a structured action starting from objective and measurable elements. Strateus Group scope of work is quite wide and uses powerful tools of analysis and action, including 5 main areas.

Public Relations and Media Relations

  • Definition of media and editorial strategy
  • Monitoring and collection of information
  • Identification of key journalists
  • Distribution of information (press releases, press kits, press trip)
  • Press conferences and interviews
  • Personal contacts with journalists
  • Audiovisual communication

Crisis Communication

  • Crisis management and crisis exit strategies
  • Information flow coordination
  • Decision Procedures implementation
  • Identification and approach of political, administrative, and media actors
  • Organisation and mobilization of a dedicated team (internal and external)
  • Layout of arguments and communication tools
  • Spokespeople Training

Public Affairs and Lobbying

  • Influence systems analysis
  • Identification of key interlocutors: decision-makers, relays, allies
  • Influence communication strategies
  • Institutional relations management (government, parliament, administrations, etc.)
  • Help in alliance creation and coalition development
  • Propositions of regulatory or legislative amendments
  • Layout of arguments and communication tools
  • Grassroots involvement tools and mobilization of public opinion

Relations With Special Targets and ONGs

  • Exchange and alliance platforms
  • Organisation of mutual events: seminars, conferences, round-tables, etc.
  • Study days and information travels
  • Communication tools: newsletters, special reports, web sites, etc.

Research, Studies, and Monitoring

  • Study of the regulatory, political, social, and media environment
  • Management, initiation, and usage of industry studies, in partnership with specialized institutions.
  • Studies on image and positioning vis-à-vis the different stakeholders